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Sneak Peek

This is an unedited snippet that is subject to change.


         I heard Charlie call me, so after taking their orders I went back to the bar. The next thirty minutes passed with me refreshing drinks and gathering empty bottles and glasses.

         I placed the tray on the counter to reach back and tightened my ponytail, then blew a loose strand that had fallen in my face. I cut my hair too short this time, it barely reached my shoulders.

         “Hey! Maybe we started on the wrong foot” Blair’s said as he came up and stood next to me.

         “Let me buy you a drink.” His warm, leathery scent engulfed me and sent a stab right to the heart. I loathed it for obvious reasons but had always liked it at the same time. Even when he’d made my life miserable. Why did he still have to smell so good?

         “Can’t. I’m working.” I gave him a mega fake grin, that fell as soon as I turned my head toward the counter again. But unfortunately, it didn’t discourage him.

         “A drink could be a soda, too. You must be thirsty after all that going up and down the bar.”

         I looked at the small room and the few people at the tables. “Not really.”

         “Right. Mmm. It was true when I said that Enola talked a lot about you. But she forgot to say how beautiful you were…are.”

         Unbelievable. Was he really hitting on me? And using this cute, clumsy approach?

         I had to admit it stung that he didn’t remember me. But instead of slashing his perfect face, I decided to be the bigger woman here and have a little mean-girl fun. What did the Bible say? An eye for a dick?

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