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What happens when in a drunken moment of delirium you agree to attend the wedding of your cheating ex who stomped on your heart?

Well, if you’re the epitome of responsible decisions like me, you obviously get the biggest, hottest, beefiest stranger you can find and blackmail him into pretending to be your new boyfriend.

Sure, Beefy’s intense, broody personality may be a bit overwhelming, and his fashion sense a bit questionable, but he’s still so far out of my league. There’s no way he could truly want me.

But when he looks at me like he wants to consume me, body and soul, and touches me like I could be his everything, it doesn’t feel like an act. And when things get heated and emotions run high at the wedding, will I let my fear and doubts get the best of me? Or could there be something real between me and this moody giant?

Content warning: This is an MM romance, with strong language, very hot sexual scenes, and hilarious moments. Each book in the series can be read as a stand-alone.

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John Lennon was right about what a waste of time planning is.

One day, I’m innocently exchanging notes with an intriguing stranger, and the next, I find myself recovering from a near-death experience in a mixed shifter crew surrounded by vicious alphas.

As a gamma fox wounded and healing in the presence of such powerful shifters, I should be wetting myself, but the kindness of one scarred, stoic bear shifter changes everything.

Big—a perfect name to describe his massive, intimidating build—cares for me, protects me, becomes my friend. But the scorching hot attraction that fills my head with dirty images and thoughts that we could be more…are terrifying.

Not only because I’m pretty sure he’s as straight as an arrow and sees me as nothing but an adorable, defenseless puppy. But I can’t afford distractions.

I need to stick to my plan. If only it were that easy…

Content Warning: this is an MM story with strong language, homophobia, violence, very hot sexual scenes, and hilarious can’t-stop-giggling moments.

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You can run from your past. But it will always find you.

His panther pack is after me. I need to keep moving, keep running so they don’t catch up to me. But something about the small, quiet town of Forsaken calls to me and tells me that I’m home.

But how can I be home in a place I’ve never been?

And how can I stay when he’s here too.

The one man who holds the power to destroy me. He’s the boy from my past that I can’t escape and suddenly this dreamy town feels more like a nightmare.

Claw Down is a laugh-out-loud, enemies to lovers story with strong language, violence, and attempted SA.

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An angry lone wolf and a sarcastic badass with a bucket list walk into a bar…



My entire family sucks. So I left them and became a lone wolf. Until they decided they wanted me back – by any means necessary.



All I wanted was a stiff drink at the end of a crap day. But when I see the sexy wolf shifter I met at the gas station get drugged and assaulted, I can’t just stand by and watch. I’m a fixer, after all. Kicking ass is what I do.

I should have remembered, though, that no good deed ever goes unpunished. Now I’m bound to him as his mate and have a bounty out on my head.

Bartender, can I get that drink to go?

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