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I can't remember a time when I wasn't reading a book. Whether it was sci-fi, romance or a detective story didn't matter, because it was the perfect way to escape from reality for a little while. When I wasn't reading, I was imagining my own stories, and after a while I started writing them, hoping to give other people that little escape I still enjoy so much.

My books are full of gumption, laughter, sexy scenes, and always have happy endings.

I live in Japan with my husband, two kids, and my stinky, super cute Frenchie.

My kids asked me questions that they think will help my readers to know me better. Here is my interview:

Why do you always write?

I can't help it. The stories come alive in my head and I need to write them down or I'd go crazy, with all those words swirling around...

What do you like about writing?

I love to create new characters, places and stories. It's exciting! I mean, the possibilities are infinite. 

Do you prefer tea or coffee?

Tea, tea and tea! But lately I discovered that flavored coffee is not bad...

Describe your home in three words.

Messy. Warm. Sooo Noisy. (I wish I could say it's because of my kids only...)

What's your favorite movie?

That's a hard one (ha, hard...sorry I see a dirty-double meaning in mostly...well everything) I change my mind frequently. Right now, The Blind Side, I love that woman's gumption!

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