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Michael Caldwell—medical examiner, odd, blood obsessed. His new life in Chicago consists of performing autopsies and eating chips while watching old detective series.




“He’s suddenly standing in front of me. Leather jacket, washed-out jeans, jet black hair.

His deep, green eyes are so intense on me I can barely breathe.

It’s in his crooked smile, bold flirting and confident—borderline conceited—behavior that I get lost.

The fact that he protects me five minutes later during an attempted robbery only reinforces my crazy-instant attraction toward him, though.


But there are shadows hiding in his gaze. And his apathetic yet possessive attitude confuses me.

Makes me care.

Makes me crave.


But then secrets come out and my life turns into a thriller movie.

Now I’m left wondering how this all started. And when the answer comes, I know I can never go back to my uneventful life. Would I even want to?

Would I be able to leave him?


‘Never again’, he whispers.”


WARNING-This is not a sci-fi angel story, unless you see eager vigilantes with a dark side as angels.

This is an action packed romance with an HEA and no cliffhangers. It features an over the top possessive psychopath, and a peculiar medical examiner with a stomach made of steel. There’s violence, torture (only of very bad people), dark humor, amazing side characters and very spicy scenes with blood play. Morally gray area is quite stretched in this story.


This is book one in the Angels of Wrath Series. Each book follows a different couple.

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Oliver “Ollie” Truman


My purpose in life has always been to protect my little brother. And the only way to do that is to do what my dirtbag of a father says—easier said than done. So my plan is to save enough money to grab our backpacks and leave these miserable days behind us. There’s no harm in having a little fun in the meantime though, is there? And the growling beast who flattens his opponents with a single punch looks like a perfectly hot diversion to me.


The crowd calls him Hulk. Dark intense eyes, large hands, scarred back, huge rocky pecs, thick arms, and tree-trunk thighs. And if the bulge in his pants is not a mirage, a very proportionate…appendage.


He growls, I snort. He rejects me, I stalk him. He threatens me, I kiss him. He orders me around, I…that depends, are we in or out of bed?


His broody, rough demeanor dares me to get closer, and his crude, hard words turn me on like nothing ever before. My sassy mouth has gotten me in trouble more times than I can count but he seems to have found a very delicious way to shut me up.


But when I discover his protective side? His possessiveness? The secrets? The rage and destruction? Can two broken souls find their missing pieces among the dark, bloody, jagged ones?

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Hunter Penn

One hellish moment. One painful decision. And everything radically changed.

Years later, I’ve adjusted to my new life as a P.I. when a long-bearded, red-headed guy walks into an alley. The same dark alley where I’m having a talk with the armed men who were following me. The encounter is brief and bloody and ends with him winking at me as he drives away.

My curiosity—and some tailing—brings us together again...or so I thought. He wants to work with me, and despite my lack of trust in the rest of the human population, I recognize his impressive skills and need his help to find out who’s been trying to kill me.

He calls me Grizzly, Papa Bear, Yogi. His incessant flirting, impish disposition, and sexy triple-dimpled smile drive me mad. Until I force him to his knees—and what a sight that is.

Who’d have guessed I am into men in lingerie?

But when he unexpectedly asks for my help, I discover a new side to him, and finally, I know what he is.




I don’t care if he thinks he’s broken. Who isn’t?

I don’t care about his family’s side business. I have a damn big skeleton hanging in my closet.

I don’t even care if my days are numbered. He makes it worth every single moment.

The only thing that matters is being near him.

Protecting him.

Showing him who he belongs to.


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